Monday, August 24, 2009

The Weekend that was

Tomorrow is Pattu's 'Happy Birthday' - she turns 3, a big girl! She would jump up and touch a low hanging twig and say, 'see amma, I'm a big girl!'. Yes indeed!

Planning the party this weekend. So, that was my reason to go on a shopping spree - went berserk and thoroughly enjoyed it. And then there's this added joy in spreading out all the little knick knacks on the rug and sharing it with rest of the family - I haven't quite figured out which part I enjoy more - the actual shopping or the sharing later with family.

Peeped into Toyzdayout (thanks to Art) and Peek-a-boo. My Reviews here.

Sunday started with wishing Ganesha a 'Happy Birthday'. Pattu wore a new pavadai chattai for Ganesha's b'day and happily went and sat on a low stool that was decorated with kolam and flowers, meant for keeping Ganesha's prasadams -she just declared that it is her 'special stool' and that became her obsession for the day. She was almost about to inaugurate the prasadam but paati somehow managed to save it for neivedyam.

And when pattu was napping, I managed to rearrange her room to include the new 'writing desk' that had arrived just in time for the birthday. I like the look on her face when she walks in to a rearranged room :-) ...she's been happy so far with my experiments...

And then we went out - without an agenda. We first went to a terracotta place and didn't pick up anything. Then we were wondering what to do when sk (hubby) suggested beach and so we headed to the sholinganallur beach on ECR. Pattu is scared of waves, she won't even tread on wet sand and would hold me really tight when the waves come near. But yesterday she was quite adventurous and allowed the waves to just about kiss her toes. Well, we are trying to be friendly...just need some time. Since we were tired from running around, we were hungry and so we drove straight into Delhi Dhaba. Pattu slept on the way back - tired, but happy tired...only to wake up at 11 PM! Had to humour her till 1 PM and then we kept tossing in the bed to sleep only at 3 AM! And a Monday morning to look forward to!


Jayashree said...

Happy birthday to Pattu....hope she has lots of fun at the party.
Btw, where is toysdayout?

Uma said...

Jayashree, Thanks from Pattu. TDO is in Velachery - I've added a review with address on Parentree.

GentleLavender said...

Best wishes to Pattu....I totally love Pattu stories and feel like I already know her very well. I hope she enjoyed herself. Give her lots of love from me. Keep writing.

Rohini said...

Happy birthday, Pattu :)

Hema said...

Pattu, Belated Birthday wishes to you :-)

Hope you had a fantastic time on your birthday.
Kutti Paapa, I'll see you next month :-).

Lots of love and wishes to you.

Uma said...

GL - Thanks, She got some 'Gifts' that made her day
Rohini - Thanks :)
Hema: Thanks, looking forward to meeting you guys..