Thursday, August 06, 2009


'Girls play with dolls and boys play with cars'. Pattu tossed this stereotype out of the window the day she was given dolls to play with. She clearly prefers the acrobatics to the dolls. She can't sit in one place for long and has bruised knees and elbows all the time. Loves to kick, turn furniture upside down, climb up gates and anything else taht can be climbed, jump across sofas, from tables... Even during pretend play, she becomes Popeye and Krishna and Bheem more often. I once overheard a tired patti's voice on the phone, 'she's hardly like a girl child... so difficult to manage! I didn't have such a tough time even with my grandson!'. I've come across quite a few mothers who have similar stories to share.

So, is it time for the stereotypes to go?

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