Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cindrella - The 2 year old's Version

After all the crow and fox stories, I embarked on Fairy tales for our bedtime routine. Cindrella was my first pick. I started, but when I came to the 'Ball' and 'Prince Charming' she lost me completely. So I had to reinvent and this is my version for Pattu:

Once upon atime there was a little girl called Cindrella. Cindrella was a good girl. She had step sisters who were bad girls and did not share their toys with Cindrella. Sometimes they even beat her and pushed her down and Cindrella cried.

One day, the step sisters dressed in pretty frocks, matching bangles, matching shoes and pretty hairband and were getting ready to go to the park. Cindrella also wanted pretty clothes like that. She wanted to go to the park too. She wanted to play on the swing, the slide, the merry-go-round and see-saw. She went up to them and said, 'Please, can I also go to the park with you?'. But the step sisters wouldn't take her. They said, 'Cindrella, go away, we won't take you to the park'. She felt sad and she cried. And who appeared before Cindrella just then.......????? - Pregnant pause, building surprise-

'Fairy Godmother!'. She has a magic wand in her hand. She looked at Cindrella and said, 'Cindrella, my child, why are you crying? What do you want?'. Cindrella looked up and saw fairy Godmother and she was so happy. She ran up to Fairy Godmother and said, 'Fairy Godmother! I'm so happy to see you. I want to go to the park wearing pretty clothes and matching shoes'. To this, the Fairy Godmother said, 'Ok Cindrella, I'll give you everything, but on one condition: You should be a good girl and come back home before 6 PM..ok?' And Cindrella promised to do so.

Fairy Godmother asked Cindrella to bring a pumpkin and waved her magic wand over it saying 'Abracadabra' and it turned into a carriage. She asked for 4 mice and waved her magic wand over it saying 'Abracadabra' and it turned into the 4 wheels of the carriage...and then came horses and Cindrella's new look and she went riding to the park.

When Cindrella reached the park, all her friends came running to see her and said, 'Hey Cindrella, come play with us'. Cindrella played with her friends happily. As she was playing she suddenly realised that it was getting dark, so it must be 6 o clock. She remembered her promise to Fairy Godmother. She quickly ran from the park to get back home on time and in the process left one of her shoes behind. Luckily, Keshav, Cindrella's friend found the shoe but he didn't know whose shoe it was. So he went house to house checking with all his friends (we do a complete round of our colony friends here). And at last Keshav comes to Adya's house and asks, 'Adya is this your shoe' and Adya says, 'no Keshav, this is not my shoe, but I know it is Cindrella's shoe'. So, both Adya and Keshav go to Cindrella's house and return the shoe to her and they remain friends ever after.

It could well be a scene out of Cindrella's childhood and the same incident happened in a different context when she was a teenager. So, pattu will hear the teenage version (the original versio ie.,) of the story when she is ready for it.

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Madhurie Singh said...

SO cute and innovative Uma !

I love it when mom of today do not follow the stories that are commonplace...

Your story is really fresh and I might tell my boys with stuff that makes sense to them and their liking :) My kids are now so imaginative that half way through my story they have their version which is much more modern and technologically advanced.

Lov to your princess :)

Madhurie Singh