Monday, August 03, 2009

'Pretty Pink'

I hate Pink except on Pattu's cheeks and when used along with Floyd. Its not really the colour, but the imagery around it, the associations with it. 'Pretty, delicate, mild, girly, sugary...' and over time it has become, 'shallow, weak, silly, cloying...'. And it is this association with girls/ women that I resent. So, even before I had Pattu, I decided that I won't buy pink even if I had a girl baby. However, almost everyone brought her 'pink' presents and 'pink' dominated her world. I had no control. I wondered why no one ever experimented, why people felt compelled to abide by some unwritten rule, why no one thought, 'oh, most people would buy pink so let me buy another colour'...just why?

Well, I think I kind of found the answer when I went shopping to pick up something for my cousin's kid - the girl baby section was full of pink stuff! And when I rummaged to find something in blue, the shop assistant rushed to me and said, 'Madam, you said girl, but you've taken blue' so as to suggest, 'you haven't read the rulebook'. I thanked him (with mock politeness) and said that this baby has a mind of her own and prefers blue! I paid and walked away much to his disappointment.

Wonder if boys are bombarded with blues as much as girls are with pink!


artnavy said...

i resisted as well and managed to avoid Barbies and the like and had Anush's room colour done in yellow with a bit of blue

though anush has a few clothes in pink she luckily says white / red/ yellow/ blue are her favourite colours

Uma said...

Oh, yeah..the Barbies! I've managed to keep them out so far.. Adya seems to prefer Red and blue but maybe it is too early to judge..