Saturday, August 08, 2009

5 is the BIGGEST number

I remember the day I learnt the number 100 - I thought that was the biggest number ever and just trying to visualise 100 would make me dizzy. I doubted if there were 100 stars in the sky and tried counting and ofcourse, always got lost and mixed up but always liked to believe that 100 was bigger than the number of stars in the sky. And when the teacher told me there were more than 100 stars I was a trifle disappointed to place my '100' beneath something else.

With pattu, it is '5' now. She can count till 20, but for some reason only she can fathom, 5 is the biggest number. How many chocolates does she want? 5. How many toys does she want? 5. How many magic beans did Jack have? 5. and so it goes. And whenever she says '5' her eyes would open wide, her 5 fingers would be stretched wide and her tone will assume the manner of, 'Oh I can't believe that you can actually buy me so many chocolates'. And when I ask her if she doesn't want 10, she promptly replies with a big NO - she wants '5'!

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