Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pattu's Post - The Making of the Birthday Card

This is Pattu, I've taken over this post so that you all get the real story and not just Amma's version.
Amma asked me if I wanted to make a b'day card for a little girl like me. I didn't mind, but wanted to know if she is a good girl (if it is worth the effort). Amma said, 'yes, she obeys her mother' - that is biased, coz I don't always obey my mom but I am a good girl. So, I asked her if she would give me chocolates, amma said yes and so I agreed that she is a good girl. So, we set out to make the card. After some debates and discussions, we decided that we will make a house, plant a tree next to it and also have a small pond near it. Amma then cut out a triangle and square that she insisted was a rectangle. Whatever! I didn't want to contest. I had the more important task of colouring these shapes - the sight of water colours, water, brushes, crayons excited me. I picked blue for the triangle and white for the rectangle-square. Amma said the rectangle is already white so I don't have to paint it white again, but I just though I'll make it whiter.
Now comes trouble, amma kept nagging me about the paper tearing off what with a watery brush and the pressure (I'd call it passion) that I was putting on it. I managed to ignore her and kept the creative energy flowing. We somehow managed the house, then the tree and then the pond. Amma asked me the colour of water and I said green, but amma said it has to be blue. I haven't seen blue water anywhere in all my 36 months! So, I just stood my ground. Then after other options like brown and black (that's how the lakes out here look! I like to do realistic pictures!) we settled for pink. When amma was not looking I smeared some purple and red into it. We stuck all of these on a nice big sheet of paper and just when I was about to fill the pond with water, amma shrieked! God knows why- what's a pond without some water in it! Not just that, she snatched the water jug from me - now, that was bad behaviour, even by her own definition, it is. You cannot snatch things from others! She told me that! But I let it go...she doesn't do that often.
So, we were kind of done, so I thought when amma said I have to help her clear up - I thought she ought to do atleast that in return for the card. Moreover, I thought the floor looked really pretty what with the colours and all... anyways, I looked around for something to clean the floor with, found appa's hanky - washed and pristine white - good enough to clean the floor - wooshhh...and that did it... floor was clean. Amma put her hands up in the air - funny she looked :D.
So, finally after all this, she forgot to take a pic of the card before handing it over and appa tried a last ditch effort with his camera phone - from what I overheard, the pic hasn't come out quite well.


Jayashree said...

Nice blog.....btw, your daughter and mine go to the same school....How do I know??? From her profile pic. I write at and
Do visit when u find time.

artnavy said...

the card is well appreciated!!

will send u a pic

Uma said...

Jayashree, really? small world :).

Art, thanks :) we enjoyed the making thoroughly and we forgot the fever for a while.

Rohini said...

Awwww... a pic would have been so nice... naughty Amma! :P

Uma said...

Rohini, Pic will follow - thanks to Art, so nice of her to send me one :)

GentleLavender said...

Great card. Fantastic effort.