Arty Experiments

chai perfumed candles
Crayons on wall

Crayons on wall

Still Life

Crayons on wall

Still Life

Idle mind at sea

Copy from a picture

Copy from a picture

Still Life
My Sketches - Pencil

Veggies on a stool: Still life
Still life: Apple, mug

Still Life: Dust bin on a stool

Copy: From the book, Magical Raindrops. Have used some imagination with the tree on the right

Copy from a wall hanging

Still Life: Coffee mug and a can

Still Life: A Vase, a brush ...

Still Life: A Glass on a cloth covered stool

Still Life: A cupboard with some toys



Uma said...

It's lovely...each one of these...

Lavs said...

great ones. you are talented!

Hema said...

well done Uma...they are beautiful:).