Thursday, August 06, 2009

Too Much Ado!

Even today Pattu's food is an event! We take extra effort to make what she likes, the way she likes it and create an environment and mood in preparation for this event. Not to mention all the song and dance and entertainment through the event. And after all this, there's no guarantee that she'll eat. There has to be a plan B too. I find this quite draining - I feel exhausted after this. There's quite a bit of family energy at stake here. Sometime I wonder if I am being too fussy a mother. I don't remember my mom fussing too much over our food and my MIL also tells me that she hardly fussed over the food part. Apparently, after 2yrs of age, the children would sit alongside the adults and the same food would be served to them as well. They would mess a bit and eat a bit, but no one made special efforts to feed them and they didn't worry too much about the kids going hungry either. Moreover, there were other kids in the house, cousins visited more often and younger kids learnt and followed the older kids. And today the Montessori and the Reggio Emelia systems are playing the same things back to us.

Sometimes I worry too much if she misses a glass of milk or goes without having curd, juice, etc. I feel she has lost out on her daily dose of nutrition. Maybe I should just let go and take it a bit easy and things would just fall in place. Well, maybe.


artnavy said...

water is the ONLY thing u need to ensure she has enough of

on food- just let it be- dont fuss too much
kids- even the little ones- will tell u when they r hungry

Uma said...

She drinks enough water, thankfully! And these days I'm quite relaxed about her food...