Monday, September 14, 2009

To Cut or Not to Cut

Pattu's hair has grown - falling on her face, over her ears and annoying her a bit. She doesn't like to wear a band, clip, or anything else to hold the hair in place. She'll remove them within seconds. So, we were thinking of going for a hair cut. But she wouldn't budge - she is terified of the scissors!  
Here's a detailed account of the episodes...

Act I Scene I - Thursday last week:

Amma: Pattu, if you don't want a hair cut, you should wear a band, otherwise hair will fall on your face
Pattu: No amma, I'll have a headache if I wear a band
Amma: Then let's cut your hair
Pattu: Nooooo
Amma: Then, what do you want to do?
Pattu: After some serious thought, 'I'll get mottai done like appa...' after some more consideration, 'Amma, you also get mottai done like appa...'

Act I Scene II - Fiday Last week

Amma: Hey, Pattu's going for a haircut on Sunday! (Amma's trick to make it sound like some treat that she's been looking forward to!)
Pattu: No amma, scissors will be sharp... I'm a small girl, it'll hurt
Amma: ( tasting a dose of her own medicine!) Then wear a band
Pattu: Nooo..

Act I Scene III - Saturday

A Firm Amma: Pattu - you have to decide - haircut or band!
Pattu: (Cornered): I'll wear band (Lesser evil)
Amma: (wanting to confirm claims) ok, wear this now (and forces it on Pattu)
Pattu: (without choice accepts and tries to look happy)
Amma checks after 5 mins - band nowhere on pattu's head.

Decision: Pattu will have a haircut

Act II Scene I - Sunday Morning

Amma: Hey, Pattu's going for a haircut!
Pattu: Will it hurt amma
Amma: No kanna... we'll have a nice aunty cut it for you this time
Pattu: She'll have soft scissors
Amma: Yes
Pattu: Ok..(Worried but trying to accept)

Act II Scene II - Sunday Noon

Amma fixes appointment
Pattu: (realising there's no way out) Where are we going
Amma: To the beauty parlour
Pattu: Aunty will cut?
Amma: Yes
Pattu: (turns to Paati and says) It won't hurt Paati, aunty will have soft scissors..

Act II Scene III - At the Parlour

Aunty wasn't free so, we had an uncle! Well, uncle was quite friendly and we liked the revolving chair. Started peacefully...somehere when the scissors got closer, panic attacked and amidst screams, we cajoled, threatened, begged and pleaded and bribed (with chocolate) to finally get it over. What started as a mushroom cut ended up looking like an army cut! more managing hair for next two months! I'm a bit disappointed - a mushroom cut would have looked nicer.

Act III Scene I: After the haircut - At the Parlour

After shaking the parlour with her screams, Pattu licks her chocolate peacefully and casually waves everyone a nice friendly though nothing happened. The whole parlour turned around to say bye to her...a bit relieved I suppose.

Act IV Scene I: At Bedtime

Almost dozing off after bedtime routine ... suddenly

Pattu: Waaaaahhh....
Amma: (Confused) What happened!
Pattu: I want my hair ..waaahhh...I want my hair....
Amma: (even more confused) ok.... I'll go to the parlour tomorrow and get it back...we'll stick it back on your head...
Pattu: (mumbling)...ok...
When did the 'Bonding with the Hair' happen??!!


apu said...

That 'we'll stick your hair back thing' was the funniest! I wonder if she'll remember that?

Swaram said...

Oh what a luv affair :P Hw did u convince her finally?

Aryan's MOm said...

ROFL...seriously...I can relate every bit of it.."I am going to parlour tomm to get hair...."
"amma it will not hurt"...soo sweet na kids are....
Hugs to Patttu...she is really one patttu girl

Jayashree said...

Paavam pattu....the things she has to do to keep amma happy :-))
Haven't been seeing her in school....have you stopped sending her?

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww......poor Pattu. I've been dealing with this even now. Did u take before/after pics? They are great to look back upon.
What's mottai?

Swati said...

hahhaha..the last part was funniest ..she is too cute !

Uma said...

Apu- she hasn't talked about it so far... hopefully she's forgotten
Swaram - well, she realised she didn't have a choice...and the regular promises of goodies and outings of course...
Aryan's Mom - sometimes feel bad cornering them :-)
Jayashree- taking Pattu's side eh! Yeah, not sending her... considering other options...
Monika,Ansh - Mottai is 'Taklu' :) should take an 'after' pic - thanks for reminding
Swati - you bet! I laughed over it too :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

It was nice reading this post. Hope you write many more. A surprise award for you on my Blog so please visit right away.