Monday, September 07, 2009

Old Toys, New Games

I was sorting out Pattu's toys and books - thinking of putting some of the old ones in the cupboard (the ones that I would like to keep), thinking of disposing some and make space for some new entries. Pattu walked in and loved the state of mess, with all her toys and books spread all over the room, mess created by Amma so she's not the culprit, there was nothing more she could ask for. She found some of her old toys, the ones that she had abandoned and moved on... she was initially excited to see them after a break. I thought it was nostalgia. And it was. She didn't stop with that though, she refused to let me put them away.

Over the last few days, I've noticed that she's invented new ways of playing with those toys.

- The stacking cubes for instance - she stacked them up, picked up a ball and tried the bowling game. She got familiar with bowling when we had rented the game during her b'day.
- And then the drag on lady bug - she sat on the bed and did fishing with it - the bug became the fish and the fishing rope in her hand, cot as the boat and the room as the lake.
- The stacking rings stringed on a rope made a garland
- She takes her teddies for a walk on the pram

Well, maybe its not a bad idea to bring out old toys once in a while...hmmm...


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Nice post. Yes, I keep rotating the toys with my son, same with his big book collection. When I bring it out after a long time, I too realize that he uses it differently and I thank God that I didnt throw it away after all.

However, some toys, if the plastic looks toxic, I tend to throw it away. I think we need to start thinking green about the things we buy for our kids.

Swati said...

yeah..that works ALWAYS..though I gave off lot of old toys recently ..since I had no space to keep them and I wanted some needful to use them

Uma said...

Swapna - I've been saving the good ones and I realise that I should continue to do so. Agree with the green bit - sadly most of the branded toys are plastic and not necessarily lead free - they do appear in the media from time to time...

Swati - yes, I do that from time to time and sometimes I let Adya give it away herself.

Aryan said...

Ahh I think I should follow this. Aryan also plays boat and fish now

Let me try taking his old toys