Saturday, September 05, 2009

Painting & Pattuspeak

We have been heavily into painting these days. We've emptied 4 boxes of water colour in the last 2-3 weeks and already on to the 5th one. I also notice some improvements in Pattu's skills with the brush and the crayons:

1. She's able to control the brush to apply colour within a given boundary fairly well.
2. She contemplates on the colours - the serious expression on her face suggests some thinking behind her choice of colours. The thinking per se is not apparent yet .
3. She doesn't like interruptions - looks like she knows what she is doing! She is annoyed when I ask her why she has chosen those colours or tell her to colour a paticular portion of the paper etc.
4. She remains focussed on one task for more than 5 mins - which is a great improvement over the usual 'few seconds'. Phew!
5. She is careful while using colours - she washes her brush quite well before moving on to the next colour making sure the colours don't get mixed up. She frets if that happens. After washing the brush she taps it on the edge of the water bowl (mimicing my style) to let off excess water so that it doesn't drip all over the desk and dilute paint too much.
6. She understands that we have to clean up and helps me with it. She doesn't spray the dity paint water on our white wash basin, but pours it carefully in the bathroom drain taking care not to stain the floor!
7. Wants her hands to be washed.
8. There's more paint on the paper than on the desk/ face & limbs

Last night while we were painting, Pattu used white colour on th paper (after smearing the paper with 5 other colours). Then she went for blue and applied it over the white.
Amma: Why are you applying blue over the white? Apply it somewhere else on the paper!
Pattu: "Oh God! How do I make you understand!" expression. 'If I don't put blue over the white, the white will fly away in the air with the fan on...then it'll go sit on the fan and we won't have any white na amma...that's why..'
Amma: Duh! Ok, got it!

Whatever that meant!


Jayashree said...

Hard to beat that logic, isn't it???

Uma said...

Jayashree - you bet! :-)

Swati said...

thats so cool

Uma said...

Swati: Yeah...and a bit 'mad' too...its in the genes I guess

workhard said...

Artist in the making....


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