Thursday, September 03, 2009

Birthday Birthday Oh What Fun!

We had Pattu's B'day party last weekend so that all kids could make it. We had it at the park in our colony so kids could run around and play freely and I think that was a good idea.

Its been a year and a half since we moved into this neighborhood, and Pattu's 2nd birthday party was the first official party of the colony. We probably had only 15 families who had moved in by then.Though we had invited only the kids last time, most of the families had turned up just so that we all could meet and get to know each other. The nostalgia brought most of those families back and we really had a good time.

Hired some games (bowling pin set, dart game..) from Toyzdayout - kids just loved them and had a great time! After the cake cutting and eating formalities, kids gathered and started the games and went on till 9 PM till they dropped from sheer exhaustion. We had all age groups and so we had games designed for all of them.

This time we had our camera in shape (yeah, we didn't have batteries last time!) and have some good snaps...

Pattu was delighted with the gifts - she is still fascinated with the wrappers and the boxes more than the gifts per se. She got her first Salwar suit from her care taker and loved the duppatah so much that she even wore it with her frocks and t shirts the whole day. Here's the pic of the big girl in salwar...and other snaps

A fascinating tale with brilliant illustration through 'Dancing on Walls' from Art and Anush - not just Pattu, all of us liked it. Pattu's been gazing at the moon looking for the moon people :D. The hand made dolls from Tsunamika have been saved (along with the card) - will give them to pattu when she is old enough to understand.

...and thus 'happy tired', we hugged and zzzed through the rest of the night (which was too little) and through morning only to wake up at 9 AM!


Swati said...

WOW that sounds like a fun party ..

Btw ..where is toysdayout they have a website

Uma said...

Swati, yes, it was fun!. Toyzday out is here: