Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Motherhood Lessons from Pattu

Hello all you lovely aunties! This is Pattu. You know Uma aunty has tagged amma and amma doesn't have time to do it. So, I decided to take a shot at it.... so here I go...

These are some lessons I taught Amma:

1. I can't look cute when I'm crying. Have you ever tried it? It is tough, let me tell you.
2. Whaddya mean you can't sing? I don't care for the CDs ... I WANT MY AMMA TO matter how bad you are
3. No matter how well planned I am, Amma always starts digging into her food when I feel the urge to poop. Hullo, you can't blame me - I'm still grappling with all the levers in my body...
4. I can't be adorable all the time... not even to you amma... C'mon, I have to be myself at times...
5. When Amma is unwell, I so want to hug her and be with her all the time. I'm not being clingy! Why don't you understand?
6. Amma, I'm sorry, but I am actually enjoying 'Time outs' - the view of the room from a corner is always interesting. And why do you look like someone punished you? Huh?
7. There's no 'one size fits all' in parenting. I am different ...aren't you different from your friends?
8. WARNING: Comparing notes on my progress can adversely affect your BP.
9. I cannot play the piano at 3 yrs. And I don't intend to. Excuse me, what were you doing when you were 3?! You think ammamma hasn't told me ;)
10. Don't keep telling me about junk food. I know just as you do. Can you exercise restraint? And you've been trying for 30 odd years!
11. You can't tell me to be honest and be angry with me for telling that aunty that I don't like her. Make up your mind.
12. Sure there are some kids who do as they are told. But then, hey, won't you feel insulted if you were given a less difficult  interesting task (me, ahem!)?
13. Honestly amma, there are times when I don't want you. Now, don't give me that 'hurt-ba-lamb' look. I know you aren't going to the hospital every  time - you have fun with your friends.

And can I request my friends Jillu, V, and LG to take up the tag? Their moms have been on a break too...


Uma said...

Hey Pattu, these are invaluable lessons you could have taught your amma..simply loved reading them!

p.s. please tell amma to come out of her "busy" mode and write more about darling pattu..

Jayashree said...

Pattu, you are so cute.....LG is the same on point 3.
Thx for the tag, Uma.....will do it soon.

Hip Grandma said...

So very cute. Give Pattu a big hug from ammamma no.2

Hip Grandma said...

So very cute. Give Pattu a big hug from ammamma no.2

Uma said...

Uma - 'Busy' is such a wonderful excuse for pretty much everything, isn't it?

Jayashree - how is LG doing? liking bangalore? any trips to chennai?

Hip Grandma - Glad to see you here after a long time :)
**Pattu hugs back**