Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dr. Pattu

Pattu is busy role playing with her doctor set. I am the Patient. Pattu brings a stethoscope, forceps and a bottle of medicine. Putting the stethoscope to my back, she says, 'breathe'. I comply.

Pattu: You have cold, I'll give you syrup. It is sweet only, don't cry, ok.
Amma cries and puts up a fight.
Pattu: No...show aaaa ... be quiet, else I'll call the doctor!
Amma: Oh, but who are you then?
Pattu: I'm the nurse
Amma cries and puts up a fight again
Pattu calls the doctor and Dr. Pattu arrives.
Dr. Pattu: Why are you troubling? Show aaa... it is a sweet medicine only... show
Amma reluctantly shows aaa and Dr. Pattu pulls out a teeth using the forceps.
Amma: Ouch! Why did you do that? You said I only have a cold!
Dr.Pattu: But I had the forceps...that's why. Now I'll put nose drops ok?
Amma is scared and objects.
Dr.Pattu: Looking annoyed.. If you keep troubling, then I'll have to call the plumber!

If Pattu becomes a doctor, god (or the plumber?) save her patients! 


Uma said...

ROFL...god i cant stop laughing!!!

Vini aka Pooh! said...

Lol! Super hilarious! Plumber to save the day! Wow! How creative is her lil mind

Swati said...

hahahah..thats good one ! PLUMBER of all the people :P

Ani said...

ha ha.. had a hearty laugh.. dr. to plumber.. noone would have thought like this..

Sugar and Spice said...

Plumber for putting nose drops??!! I'm actually laughing so hard that a colleague from the next cubicle just peeped in to see if I was fine!! :) Hilarious!! Way to go, Dr. Pattu!!

Uma said...

All - maybe my nose and nose drops reminded her of the plumbing line... but seriously, a Plumber!

UmaS said...

LOL !!! I loved the plumber part....but pretty scared to meet Dr.Pattu !!! ;)