Thursday, July 21, 2011

CMM Level 4

I realised a few days back how efficient we have become as a team. I mean all of us at home - including the domestic help. I'm brimming with pride - we have almost reached CMM level 4. Let me explain.

While our home is not too dirty or cluttered, it doesn't fall in the 'always sparkling clean' category. If you have magnifying glasses for eyes, you'll find a layer of dust waving at you here and there and you'll hear the walls groan from the scrubbing of Pattu's murals, you might find a stray crayon, peanut, squeaky toy under the cushion, etc, etc. We are also liberated people who will keep things where we want to keep them; not necessarily where they belong by popular opinion - c'mon, what's a home if I can't do as I please.
The unspoken rule however is that, come visitors and we'll get into the teamwork mode. What we used to accomplish in 3 hours, we accomplish in less than 30 mins these days. Process, people, process is the key. I just have to 'blow the whistle' and we all get working like an army of ants.

- MIL will hide the laundry, clear the railing of stray towels and undies, restore doormats to their positions and walk around with a piece of cloth dusting here and there.
- FIL will put on his teeth, dab some talcum powder and excavate used bowls and glasses from under the cot, near the sofa, under the cushion etc and throw them into the sink and he'll switch on all the fans so that the dust on them doesn't show.
- I shove all kitchen clutter under the counter, clear the bathrooms of Pattu's toys and other things that you don't want to know and straighten the sheets (all the way to the floor so that the crocodiles and dinosaurs under the cot are well hidden).
- Hubby dear will clear laptops and such gadgets from dining table, put the wet towels out and shove folded clothes into the nearest cupboard
- Maid will sweep and swab in one efficient swoosh and clear the mess in Pattu's room
- Pattu will 'help' the maid clean up her room, plump the cushions, throw them around and jump on them again till I holler and refrain from causing any further damage.
- And we all put on our best smiles (like it is all so effortless).

What's more, we even categorise the visits.
1. Short visits limited to living, dining, kitchen.
2. Extended visits that can lead to bathroom and bedroom exploration as well
3. Stay over. We take 2 days to prepare for 3 - dusting, scrubbing, rearranging in full swing. For No 3, we actually clean the fans.

MBA project trainees are welcome to analyse and learn from our process efficiency.


Uma said... fun post! I am glad you have your team mates obeying orders. We are just three (that includes the prime cluttering culprit) and the hour after hubby is packed off to office and R is put to sleep goes by just putting things in the place where they are meant to be. No fancy cleaning but doing just that makes a HUGE difference.

Rema said...

Oh My!! lol.. I totally connected with this post.. I was so much like this, but much better these days.. Thanks to all the design blogs for the inspiration :-) I panic less these days when someone comes visiting us..

Utbtkids said...

Brilliant post. Enjoyed it a lot Uma.

Sugar and Spice said...

Hi Uma,
Totally enjoyed the post, primarily b'cos 'me too sailing in the same boat'. Wonderful post.
Long time reader. Delurking now.

Jayashree said...

LOL, Uma.....I identify so much with this post.

TPL said...

LOL! Putting in the fans to hide the dust is brilliant :-)

Hip Grandma said...

were you talking of your house or mine?We too need to hide things and put away wet towels and I keep getting depressed abt. not keeping a sparkling home. It does not help that I have a friend whose house looks as if it is a hotel or an A class hospital ward.So we are normal and she is the odd one out.C'mon let's shake hands.You are the company I've always wanted.

AA_Mom said...

I giggle enough that a few people gave me mcurious glances at work. Very well written.

Hi Uma, I am visiting your site for the first time, was too tempted by the title of your post. will have to lurn around now :)

AA_Mom said...

I meant giggled and curious...tells me I cannot type right when giggling

Swati said...

Did you write about our house ..the thing is its only 3 of us ..but we manage to do all this what you said. When Aryan sees me cleaning vigorously , he even asks , who is coming mumma :P
and helps :D

When I tell its generally I am cleaning , for a change , he is disappointed :P

Rohini said...

Ha ha. Sounds familiar though we definitely don't have such a well-defined process for it :)

noon said...

:) Such a cute post. So honest. Exactly what happens here. I call it "Frenzy cleaning" and I announce that it is about to start when I come to know a guest is arriving. No matter what we postpone it to the last minute and the night before (for over night guests) I will be cleaning late into the night...for few hours guests I will also limit it to guest bath and main rooms. But even KB runs all over the place enjoying the frenzy mode! :)
So cute - the lines about your FIL! :)

Uma said...

Uma - No one orders... thankfully, we all agree on one point - that the home should look presentable :D

True, just clearing the clutter makes it so much better

Rema - Good you managed to bring about change ... chances are remote in these quarters

utbt - U know what to expect if you drop into Pattu household unannounced ;)

Sugar & Spice - *GIVING A HI FI* Thakns for delurking

Jayashree - You have company :)

TPL - Hey! How are you doing? And the little one? Have you given him a blog name yet?
My FIL is a genius that way u know

Hip Grandma - *Taking the extended hand and shaking vigorously* I have many friends who have sparkling homes, I now adopt the attitude 'I am like that wonly'

AA Mom - Welcome here! :D

Swati - Sharp fellow Aryan :D
We are 5 of us and hence there's more chaos as well...

Rohini - The process evolved over many years you see

Noon - Frenzy cleaning, it is! Yeah, my FIL is absolutely adorable :)

vidya said...

It could have been me writing this post:) Feels nice to have company!!

Uma said...

Vidya - welcome to the club... btw, looks like I've lost your number...was trying to reach you for couple of events ..

Anonymous said...

ha ha totatlly connected.

Uma said...

Anon - :) Welcome to the club!