Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pattu Theories

At a wedding:

Aunty A : Come here, sing me a rhyme
Pattu acts deaf
Aunty A : Do you know Humpty Dumpty?
Pattu relents..and sings - Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
Aunty A : Nooo... that's the second line... the first line is, 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wa;;'
Pattu: This is a different Humpty Dumpty. It goes (and sings in her own tune), 'Humpty Dumpty jumped up and fell down from the wall..'. You don't know this?

Meesaila manne ottalaye... (Meaning...something like 'the fall didn't hurt')

At home - Pattu is deep in thought and translating the thoughts into a sketch. To the Amma it looks like a triangle that is struggling to become a circle and goofing up miserably.

Amma: What is this?
Pattu: Still engrossed and a little annoyed at the unnecessary interruption. This is Meeks
Amma: Duh?! Er.. What is Meeks?
Pattu: Still Annoyed. Not even looking up. Tch... Meeeeks! It is a world
Amma: Humpf... A word??
Pattu: Sigh. Worlllllld amma... worllllld (She must have thought her amma to be an illiterate)
Amma: Oh, ok, what world?
Pattu: (who by then had drawn long lines radiating from the triangle-circle) There are lots of children there ... see..(and points to the long lines)
Amma: These are children??
Pattu: Defensive at last. The children there have looooong legs...see (again points to the long lines)

She scribbled on it before I could take a picture. The world (including Meeks) has lost a masterpiece :(


PV said...

Awesome comebacks to these terrorizing Maamis who foce kids to say nursery rhyme/slokams -

Hugs to Pattu for this service to all kids - at least this one Maami will hesitate from asking kids to sing rhymes from now on

A journey called Life said...

I love Pattu, can't get enough of all that she does :)

artnavy said...

i love her repartees

Vidya said...

a nice tight pinch on both the cheeks and a kiss for Pattu. triangle-circle.. i can.. i mean i cannot imagine!

Swaram said...

Yay! Aunty-A had it :P :P
I luv Meeeks. Hope she tells us all what that world looks like ;)

Shankari said...

Loved her comebacks :) One smart cookie Pattu is! s

Hema said...

Good one Pattu!

Anonymous said...

Pattu theories are very funny to read.


Lavanya Sriram said...

a woogie-woogie-woosh from me to Pattu:) As PV said, Aunty A will hesitate the ext time :)

Pooh! said...

Lol! what a cutie! love her quick wit!

lostworld said...

Don't curb her imagination you mummy! :) If Meeks is a world, then we all accept without questions !!

Uma said...

PV - That maami was actually quite sweet ;). Pattu was being mean.

AJCL - Spend more time next time :D

Art, Vidya, Shankari, Hema, Ambulisamma, Pooh - :) :))

Swaram - By now I'm sure Meeks has disappeared from Pattu's radar

Lavanya - Pattu will like that :)

lostworld - You won't catch me curbing any of that...I only hope the school doesn't