Friday, August 06, 2010

'Fear' and 'Hope'

Utbt had tagged me (long long ago) to list down my 5 fears. So, here I go.

1. Am I making the right choices for Pattu? I worry about the choices that I am making for Pattu. Am I doing the right things? There are so many theories, opinions, conventional wisdom and then there's ones own instinct that is sometimes conflicting. I hope it turns out ok.
2. Children's safety. I don't have to say more. This planet seems to be getting more dangerous by the day, especially for the children. It is just so depressing.
3. Snakes - they visit our neighbourhood once in a while. Really!
4. The maid won't turn up tomorrow! The maid, the nanny and the driver will ditch on the day I have an unavoidable meeting and hubby is not in town!!!! *SHIVERS AT THE THOUGHT*
5. That my smile won't be returned and I'll look silly. 

Having said that, I never lose hope. I hope for a better life, better place, better world. I hope for the best, no matter what news I read/ see.

I think I am supposed to tag a here you are: (the usual suspects) - Jayashree, Hema, Lavanya, Chotu's Mom...

I just saw IHM's post - I really hope her daughter gets well soon. Somehow, when children suffer, no matter who they are, the pain is just the same. Prayers.


PV said...

So long the wait for a post !

To point no. 5 above - here are a few unasked for smiles - for you !


Jayashree said...

1 & 2 are my major fears too. I think every parent worries about whether the choices they make for their children are right or not.

utbtkids said...

Agree with 1,2,3,5 :)
Thanks for doing the tag.

Anonymous said...

Pt 5- I know it will happen sooner or later but my fears almost came true today..when I asked my toddler 'do you love mama'. He was having his usual toddler moment when everything is 'nooooo' and he said it: 'noooo...'.
My heart sank but at that moment I knew (or sought solace in) that he didn't mean it.
But with a boy that day will happen soon...maybe when he is waving me 'bye' while boarding his school bus and does nto want to look or sound mushy in front of his friends.

Lavanya Sriram said...

1& 2 - absolutely !
3 : I get creepy for all kinds of reptiles :(

5 : Happened several times for me :(

and its so bad about IHM's daughter! Hope she gets well soon :(

Hema said...

1,2 and 5 are what I fear about too. Will do the tag shortly.

Uma said...

PV - Thanks for the smiles and here are some return smiles :-))))))))))))))))

Yeah, been off the cyberzone for a while now...and am back with lots of updates ..pattu and others as well

Jayashree - Yeah, I think so. But some look so confident and that makes me worry more :D

utbtkids - Most welcome :)

Anonymous - LOL! Oh girls aren't any better. Pattu has her moods too.

Lavanya - Reptiles - you said it!

Hema - Thanks for picking up the tag :)