Monday, July 05, 2010

Back to School Updates

School reopening was delayed for CBSE schools and soon after that we went back to holiday mood in Chennai owing to the Tamizh Maanadu. Just when the school routine was setting in, there's the bandh today! Here are some school updates...

1st day of school: We heard that Pattu insisted on sitting in her previous teacher's class (previous teacher has been promoted to class I). She walked out of her class and sat in Class I saying, "This is my teacher, I'll sit here only". And a few others followed her. It took a few teachers, ayahs and other staff a good one hour to get her to accept her new teacher, it looks like.

Reality Strikes: It has been three weeks now and we are already getting home work! I avoided my homework very well, but looks like I can't do that with Pattu's.


Jayashree said...

LOL at her wanting to sit only in that teacher's class. Your young lady sure does know exactly what she wants.
thx for tagging me...will take it up soon....

Sandhya said... bold of Pattu to insist on sitting in her old teacher's class!

Vidya said...

Keeping a party of adults at bay for an hour is an achievement of sorts:) Way to go Pattu!!

A said...

Pattu- go girl go! totally loved ur spirits and the attachment towards ur teacher..

Timepass said...

she is very clear abt wht she wants!!!lol and u better do her homework!!

Uma said...

Jayashree - She does know what she wants...very clearly!

Sandhya - Do the elders have a choice?

Vidya - Achievement? is it? I thought the toddlers are naturally talented

A - Me too thought the 'attachment was kind of cute :D

Timepass - I don't have a choice with her homework :(

Asha said...

wow, pattu is a future kid

This is my teacher, I'll sit here only". very assertive.

HW already, wait this is only the beginning. Projects and working models awaiting at higher classes.

Hema said...

Way to go Pattu! Now you have some real home work to do:)

Swaram said...

Ha ha .. a leader in the making :)
Go Pattu :) The teacher must hv been so happy :)

PV said...

Home work ??!! Maybe you can teach Pattu how to ditch home work - unfair to have to do HW at this age !

How you doing otherwise ? Not many posts for a while

Uma said...

Asha - Don't scare me... I don't even want to think of it!

Hema - Right.. the stakes are higher with Pattu's homework

Swaram - True, but wonder how the new teacher felt

PV - I don't have to teach Pattu that - I'm sure she'll master that art - it's in the genes ;)
I'm ok...just been a bit tied up .. Thanks for asking :)
So, now we'll get some non football posts eh ;)

Lavanya Sriram said...

LOL :) Pattu, go girl go ! she sure does things in her own way :) and what a confidence :)
kalaks :)
Homework ? already ???

Uma said...

Lavanya - yes, homework already... :(
You have some more time... enjoy until then