Friday, July 02, 2010

Sinfully Yours

The River of Sin is flowing through the blog world and why should I be left behind! Apu and  Momo's Ma have tagged me and thanks ladies, would have shamelessly picked it up and done it anyways :)

IHM started it -  “Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.”

1. I don't wear my Mangal Sutr regularly. 
2. Love Blue. Hate pink, jewelry, make up, lace, frills and flapping eyelids. I don't have more than 3 pairs of footwear at any given point of time. 
3. Bunked classes, jumped over the college gate. Picked up fights with men who occupied the 'ladies seat' in bus and many other such things. Punched a boy at school for bullying my little bro. Whistled with reckless abandon at the Cinemas.
4. Actively involved in sports, NCC and dabbled in Karate... anything outdoor without a care about my 'complexion' despite warnings that I'll become dark-er and ugly-er. *BLAH*
5. Sport really-short-curly-messy-mop just for a lark
6. Had a brief fleeting affair with Alcohol though I'm off it for a long time now
7. Lived alone, traveled alone. I once boarded a bus from Madurai to Chennai at midnight and I was the only female passenger. I was 24 then. 
8. Used Men's perfumes - I just liked them, so?
9. Hate mush and the M&Bs. I read one and avoided them like plague ever since
10. I wonder why some guests' eyes pop out while I'm chatting with them and hubby is making tea for all of us. Probably they don't know that he makes better tea (though I think my FIL and my dad are BEST at it) and that I graciously accept and appreciate it ;)

To offset these, I like to bathe atleast once a day and weed out the facial hair. Crave for gossip once in a while. Love to cook, host, do up home. I indulge in clothes and bags (all Jute and other fabric). Like a clean kitchen and bathroom.  

And I pass on the tag to .... hmm... looks like the whole world has already done it... Hema, Jayashree, Chotu's mom,  Moushumi, 


Shankari said...

OMG! Sin goddess I bow to thee! I had a very different image of you in my head, probably because you mentioned you live with the in-laws!

Not wearing mangalsutra!!! Siva Siva!! Romance with Alcohol? Hara Hara! Whistling?? Oh save my poor heart :)

The Print Lover said...

You had an affair with alcohol??! I dont believe you! Prove it to me when we meet :P

Boarded a bus alone? I don think I have the guts to do that. Hi-fi on that my lady!

A said...

thanks for tagging me.. lovely list..loved #3 the best..
alcohol? uma? nah...

Uma said...

All - Affair with alcohol was short lived - wanted to explore and find out what it was like. Did that. Didn't find a good enough reason to stay. Hence quit.

Shankari - LOL! Yes, I live with my in-laws and they are very broad minded I must say!

TPL - When we meet, you'll only see a 'gnana pazham' :D
That bus incident is just one of the many such adventures that I've had. Got lost in Delhi winter - again at midnight..and somehow managed.

A - yeah yeah...looks can be deceptive eh ;)
Waiting to read your list..

rrmom said...

Very impressive lady. I feel like doing this tag myself.

I second Shankari. I too had a very different picture of you.

Lavanya Sriram said...

Uma, what a list !!!

I had never have even 1/10th of your guts, i believe !

Uma said...

rrmom - Please take up the tag...I just thought a lot many of you have already done it...
different picture? like what? Just curious :)
Lavanya - Oh sure you would have done most of it...but for the midnight travel alone in a bus... :D

Rolly said...

Why am i NOT A SINGLE BIT surprised reading this!... This is sooo perfectly YOU! Very well written... Though you have very conveniently avoided describing your scary stories and weird behavior tales - talking to yourself, the lamp post, the FREAAAKYYY chandramohan and ragini story! Go on Uma - let the world know! :)

Uma said...

Rolly - Oye, what weird behaviour? Talking to myself when I was 4 yrs old? That's normal - ask any mom around here...and talking to lamp post is Pattu, btw :D

Btw, where are your sins against the gender stereotype? come on...spill it all here lady...