Monday, March 01, 2010


Amma and Pattu playing Jungle. After being chased by Amma Lion and some excited running and screaming, Pattu is cornered.
Amma: I am the Lion and I'm gonna eat you...
Pattu (meek and looking into my eyes imploringly): I am a small Lion cub...hmmm mmm... (almost licking)

What choice do I have but hug the little cub!

Morning, 7 AM.
Amma (Half groggy herself): Wake up Pattu... sun is up and ready... say Hi to the sun..
Pattu: (With eyes still closed): If I wake up will the needle come out of the well?  
That's a line from, The Never Ending Story

Pattu loses her sense of hearing while watching TV and she naturally gravitates towards the screen slowly. After many unheeded requests, appa switches to cricket.
Pattu: I like cricket appa.... yea... sixxxx....


Jayashree said...

This loss of hearing while watching TV is something LG shares too. She also loses sight of everything except the TV.....even if I go stand in front of her, she just cranes her neck around so she can continue watching POGO.

Uma said...

Jayashree, I've seen that in many kids... been trying to reduce the no of hrs in front of the iBox!