Saturday, March 13, 2010

Remembering the man who created the Amul Moppet

Eustace Fernandes who created the absolutely adorable Amul moppet passed away. I'm sure you all would agree - it is impossible to pass by an Amul hoarding without being affected by its humour and without feeling an urge to pinch the chubby cheeks of the cute little girl in polka dots. I used to arch my head eagerly to check out the Amul hoarding on the way to college and it continued for many years till I moved out of city limits.In a cluttered ad landscape, this brand has continued to evince interest and appeal across generations by being contextual and by maintaining its simple humour. It has been a record breaking 44 years and I hope it will continue forever... What a wonderful way to live on in our hearts, how utterly butterly  immortalised!

Here are some of my favourites. Check out the archives for more.

 Advocating the use of helmets
 Souyuz - Cosmonaut in space.

Introduction of the Escalator in India


asha said...

i too like the amul ad's. meaningful, comical juxtaposed on current news.

Momo's Ma said...

hi, i LOOOVE the Amul ads, the moppet ones.n i too did read the news item abt the creators death with a tinge of sadness. i have recently taught my kid to say, utterly butterly delicious amul.btw, you have a sweet daughter n her antics are really fun to read abt.

Uma said...

Asha - so true!
Momo's Ma - Thanks :). Welcome here..