Sunday, October 16, 2011

We have moved...

to Wordpress

I guess this would remain for a while, meanwhile, cya @


Uma said...

tried to leave a comment on your new that restricted to only WP users???...:-(

loved the new post..
LOL @ the poster and @ a 2 yr ago pattu ...

Asha said...

Nice move uma. I love the header, but even your older blog had a touch of warmth with your personalised garden photos. Would love to see your garden here too.

hehehe..... yes pattu, washroom sounds better.

Me too could'nt comment on wp, hence cut pasted here.

Divya said...

Hi Uma, Got your comment at the blogger kootam site...My name is Divya N, I am the organiser and we would love to have you with us on Nov 26th. Please do sign up in the form...or send me an confirmation mail at

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