Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet Ms Potter

Ah, I'd been getting my hands dirty at the potter's wheel for a good 2 hours (or probably more...time just flew..)today. What fun mucking around...I don't quite blame Pattu for her indulgence.

Lets do Something
is a new place that has opened just a week back at Velachery. Its a hobby center and an activity center for both children and adults. Apart from the regular dance, music, yoga, painting routine, this place also offers slightly niche and interesting things like workshops in Pottery, Photography and the likes (they are adding to the list and some ideas and insights would be welcome). The best thing from my point of view is - this place lets you try out things if you don't want to commit yourself and invest for an entire course. So, you can pay per session, try it out and enroll once you are sure you are hooked to it.

I tried the pottery workshop and made quite a few pots - maybe around 10 of them...and nearly 4 - 5 with my own dirty hands(OK, the potter set up the wheel and the base clay and I took over from there). They all are drying now - will post pics of my creation in a couple of days. I tried out some fancy things like making dents to the pots I made (trying to make it look arty) and it broke my teacher's heart - he was training me to get the symmetry right and I insisted on asymmetrical patterns (a bit too early I guess).

Pattu found it funny that amma was playing with clay and water and creating a lot of mess. She had her share of fun on the other side of the wall with games, books, play doh, paint etc. In fact, she got a chance to do a hand imprint on their wall - the first happy customer :) - a tiny green hand... she was all smiles...
So, for Rs.300, I got to muck around for more than 2 hrs, I got 10 pots that I'm sure to flaunt(5 good ones and 5 teda hai but mera hai samples), I figured out that I have a freak chance at the potter's wheel if I worked hard... and we had two beaming kids at the end of it all (the Amma became a kid for a while) - totally worth it!

There's also a 3 weeks' free trial for Western Dance for children in the age group of 4 yrs to 9 yrs. Anyone?

Incidentally, my friends have started this place and they are still evolving the concept - people in Chennai, please do visit and give your feedback. The Phone No: 044-45014350

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cash or Card?

Picture this:

Paati, Athai and Pattu on the way to a relative's place. Paati fumbles with her purse to pull out change to pay at the toll. Pattu deftly retrieves her purse (a navaratri gift which has become the latest fascination) and pulls out the few coins...
Pattu: Paati, I have change, I'll pay for the toll
(she loves to pay and collect toll ticket - makes her feel very important)

Paati: No kanna, you keep the change, we need it for shopping
Pattu: Its ok Paati, you take this change, I have credit card for shopping na...
Paati: !!
Athai: !!!

Yes, she remembers to carry her credit cards - my frequent flyer and other loyalty cards that are not valid anymore!

Anyone wants a sponsor for your shopping trip?

Latest from The Pattu's Mouth

Just before leaving to Art's place to see Aditi:

Amma: Do you want to see a little baby girl? Anushka's Baby Sister?
Pattu: Yes, what's her name?
Amma: Aditi
Pattu: Amma, you are a good girl because you told me the baby's name...
Amma: *WIDE GRIN* (Nothing compares to a compliment from Pattu)
Pattu: Oh oh...I'm such a Mandoo!(Buddhu!) are not a good girl, you are a good lady!
Amma: Thankyou! So, what shall we take for Aditi?
Pattu: Toffee chocolates
Amma: But she's a baby and doesn't have teeth
Pattu: Oh oh, what shall we do now... shall we take tomatoes?
Amma: *$@&^%&** Why tomatoes??? No she can't eat even tomatoes
Pattu: Oh oh... OK, I'll give her my teeth then..
Amma: How will you eat toffee chocolate if you give her your teeth?
Pattu: OK, let's buy teeth from the shop and give her...

Well, since the marketers haven't yet hit upon this idea, we had to settle down for something less apt!
That didn't stop us from having a great evening!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Children and Social Consciousness

I had taken Pattu to the park the other day and bumped into one of the older girls on her ladybird carrying lots of books. I learnt that she is selling some of her old books at half price and the proceeds would go to the construction workers in our colony. I was impressed to say the least and so moved by the gesture and picked up a couple of books from her. The other kids who heard this gathered around exclaiming,
'Oh you are really selling them? We thought you were joking!'
'If that's the reason or selling, I'll also pick up some books...'
'Hey I also have lots of my old books, I can join you and sell some of them...'
'Aunty, I saw a small baby lying on the platform - no clothes, no sheet, nothing... so sad aunty'
'Their own parents are beating the children can they do that...they are so small..'
...and to the girl who started this: 'hey you are doing a great thing ya...we;ll help you ok...' and to the others, 'eh, all of you bring your old books ok, we'll sell them... we can also collect our old clothes and blankets and toys..'
'eh, come let's go tell S, D, T, and everyone else...'

...and off they go cycling...
The CEKA (Chettinadd Enclave Kids Association) NGO is born and it just took one small gesture and a few minutes for the kids... I've always believed children are the catalysts of change. I'm also happy because nurturing these qualities at this age would make them better individuals, more responsible and socially aware and conscious.

I intend to help them organise this better and make it an ongoing activity.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Amma or Mommy?

I noticed something funny today - Pattu calls me Amma when she talks in Tamil and Mommy when she talks in English! She thinks everything has to be translated?

Should check if it is happening with Appa, Paati and Thaatha as well...