Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Midnight Masala at Pattu Household

If you don't know by now..yes, Pattu is a night bird and sleeps past midnight everyday! We sing, dance, read, play and wrap up by 10.30 and somehow manage to switch off lights by 11 - 11.30 PM. But Pattu is wide awake and still in full form. For the next one hour, our routine is something like this..

10 mins after switching off lights:
Pattu - Amma, I want water
Amma's arm automatically reaches for water, empties it into pattu's mouth and puts it back on the side table.

Pattu tells stories or has imaginary conversations

10 mins later
Pattu sits up and looks out the window and talks to the streetlight and they laugh at a private joke. I feel very jealous and insecure when she casually says, 'nothing amma' when I ask her what it is...

Pattu pokes the dad

10 mins later
Pattu: Amma...moocha (susu)
Amma's mechanically goes through routine only waking up when Pattu chooses to waddle in water for a longer time warranting change of clothes

back to conversations with the streetlight

10 mins later
Pattu - Amma...I'm hungry amma
Amma - sleep
Pattu - crying...I'm hungryyyyyyy
Amma - loses it have biscuit (yes, it is on the side table always)
Pattu - Noooo...let's go down and have pappu mammam (dal rice)!! - that's a ruse to go down and delay the sleep by few more mins...
Amma - loses it completely!  Pappu mammam has gone to sleep, only biscuits and milk are awake at night

We grudgingly settle for biscuit and repeat water, streetlight and susu episodes once before sleep embraces Pattu.

Last night Pattu was pouring her heart out to me in pure Hindi - Pattu brand of Hindi of course. I didn't get a word of it since it didn't even have the usual smattering of English words! She was very upset that I didn't understand - anger and later tears followed! For some reason, even when being upset with me, amidst tears, Pattu spoke only pure Hindi! *SIGH*


A journey called Life said...

accho so cute..
what struck a chord was "pappu mammu has gone to sleep"- we do that routine here too..
may be it is time to learn Pattu's Hindi!

Shankari said...

I hope she is alright! Na also uses her hindi to get back at me sometimes :) What's with this national language and the new generation??

Hema said...

Lol:) V does the exact same thing these days. Only that he dozes of before 12. The water, biscuit thing is a routine here too. So, despite the 'Lol' I understand how it feels....especially when the crying 'happens' in incomprehensible language!!

bitsofchocolate said...

Paavam Kozhandhai - you need to learn Pattu style Hindi very soon

Nahin to, I will start leaving Pattu-Hindi inspired comments !

Dee said...

wow ! u are so patient ! I did this whole cycle for a while and now it is a rule that they cannot get anything once inside the bedroom. It was hard to digest when the hubby suggested that but makes a lot of sense now..
oh, and the other trick is if they do not sleep in 5-10 minutes they have to sleep on their own ;-)
Again, you are one patient mom !

Lavanya Sriram said...

Oh ! I am so familiar with this routine as well ! Any excuse to get out of the bedroom ! susu, water, hungry etc etc even when she is damn sleepy !
Though I dont entertain leaving the bedroom once we are in ! Only if i realize that she really really is not sleepy will i let her out !

Uma said...

AJCL - It is...but how!? Trust me, without the English bits in between, it make absolutely no sense!
Shankari - Seriously? LOL!
Hema, Lavanya, AJCL - You also go through this routine?! I have company - we can exchange motivational posts/ mails once in a while :D
PV - You too!
Deepa - Not patient at all... its all so programmed now, I go about the whole thing like a robot! My hubby also tells me to follow the same tricks ... maybe I just should

Trish said...

OMGG!!! This is soo a post I would have written a few months back!!Now there is rule that she won't get anything to eat in the bedroom!!LOL!!still water,Susu,stories..everything continues..and ofcourse,I understand her Hindi..I taught it to her..hehehe!
but other than that..when I was reading the post..I kept feeling like I had written it:) hugs!!