Thursday, September 30, 2010

'Dis'periments, anyone?

Pattu: Can we do disperiments today?
Amma: Ain? What's that?
Pattu: Tch... what we did that day with water
Amma: (who figured out by now but won't cooperate) What did we do?
Pattu: Dis-peri-ments
Amma: Dis-periments
Pattu: (looking impatient)  You put salt in water and it dis... disappeared? (she forgot the word 'dissolved') That Dis-periment. We'll put sand today and see...ok?
We really love a mess, don't we.
Amma: You mean 'Experiment' where we saw the salt 'Dissolve'
Pattu: Not willing to give up. Adu thaan amma, 'dissolve' pannara experiment.... adu thaan 'Dis-periment'..ok? (That's what amma, the experiment that dissolves...that is 'Dis-periment'..ok?)

As you say Pattu!


Timepass said... this rate i expect a new dictionary from pattu dear!! LOL

Jayashree said...

can't argue with that kind of logic, can you?

Vini aka Pooh said...

Well in the world of Tomkats and Lols Ms.Pattu ofcourse has to adapt and make up words

starry eyed said...

Now that is very smart!!

Uma said...

Timepass - Quite true... she seems to make up quite a lot of words these days :)

Jayashree - I haven't found her logic flawed yet :D

Pooh - :D She'll do well, what say..

Starry - :D making the mistake seem like a discovery ;)

Vidya said...

So next in the line will be dis-'agadha'-periments?!!!! LOL!

ssstoryteller said...

hey this is how new words are invented
Congrats to yr little Shakeinstein!!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...


Swaram said...

Whoa! I luv dng such disperiments too ;)
Hw smart to defend what she said! Awesome!

Uma said...

Vidya - LOL! You are giving her ideas!

ssstoryteller - I guess so... we should compile a toddler dictionary, it would be fun

Swapna - :)

Swaram - 'defend' is the right term :)