Monday, October 04, 2010

First Day First Show

Yes, I made it to the first day first show (the early morning 7.30 show! But I hear that there were some 5.30 AM shows as well) of Endhiran! Got tickets only in Escape and hence missed all the pooja, crackers and such festivities. We did witness some of that on our way right outside Jayanthi and Melody theaters.
What Rocked: The Robot, special effects, Rajini back as the villain
What could have been better: Rahman's Music, Comedy (I was surprised to see that the comedy track was weak - no Vivek/ Vadivelu!!), Aishwarya's dancing
What I missed: Rajini's usual punch dialogues, style gimmicks (we didn't see any flipping the goggles kind if thing). The scientist Rajini was actually like a scientist - he couldn't fight, dance... Rajini is Rajini, he is even more superhuman than the Robot... that didn't come through :(

The special effects were truly world class - awesome! A thorough entertainer.


Vini aka Pooh! said...

Oh wow! I find it interesting - most bloggers I follow have reviews and there is another review which is a total 180 degree different from your. Your pros are the cons there and vice-versa. I have not watched the movie and I do not think I ever will. Not a big movie person

The Print Lover said...

I read that the tickets were sold out for atleast a week.. but everyone I know has seen the movie already :)

Uma said...

Vini - I'm not into movies either, but Rajini movies are something apart.. :)

TPL - My colleagues got it through a contact at office... but I agree with you...