Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Attacked by the Green Eyed Monster

We were at a restaurant and Pattu was staring for a long time at a girl at the next table who seemed just a bit older than Pattu. While I was wondering about that, Pattu turns to me and asks, "Amma, isn't pink my favourite colour?". Still confused, I agreed and Pattu says with a frown on her face, "..then why is she wearing it!"

It starts this early!!??!!

And this is also the first time I'm sensing 'envy' in Pattu's reactions...

Btw, Happy Women's Day to every one of you out there!!


Timepass said...

Henceforth i will not wear PINK so that i dont hurt Pattu's feelings!!!LOL

Asha said...

PAttu kutti, ella pinkkkum copy right vangiduma.

so sweet, btw i left a comment in your previous post also i think blogger gobbled it up.

Happy women's day to you too!

Ani said...

navarasa pattu... capture that. its cute to see that enviness in kids face not as a mother though..

Vidya said...

Pinch her cheeks hard and give a tight kiss on my behalf:)

Anonymous said...

hahahaa! Where does she come up with these :D I LOVE Pattu tales. Tell her that so she can come up with more material for regular blog posts :D


Uma said...

timepass, asha - imagine how many other little girls will fight for the pink patent!!

ani - envy I guess is inevitable.. so long as it leads to some healthy results, it is fine

vidya - cheeks turned pink ;)

kp - seriously! I wonder! idu onnu thaan korachal to add to the vanity

asha - blogger sometimes gobbles up comments - dunno why :(

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha! She is rt ;)

Uma said...

Swaram - like she needs any approval :)