Sunday, May 09, 2010

Food glorious food!

We got our first package of organic groceries from Organic Plus - we tried some dals and rice, sugar (brown), palm sugar, Gingley oil and we liked it.

I also found the organic veggie place in sholinganallur on OMR (near Infy) that Art had mentioned - planning to try them out.
We picked up more organic fruit preserves - Plum and guava, from Fab India and we highly recommend them. I've also picked up a dark brown coloured whole wheat pasta hoping to feel less guilty when indulging. The lady at the store tells me that it needs some pressure cooking and it more than doubles in quantity when fully boiled.

Jus Yummy:
We tried the olive and walnut french loaf from La Boulangerie - the Olive loaf is out of the world (just a bit too salty though). I believe they are setting up shop in Velachery soon - am definitely looking forward to it.
Krishna Sweets made Velachery buzz - am not at all a big fan of Krishna Sweets, so am not too thrilled.
We went to the new Sanjeevanam at Adyar to celebrate Mother's day, with both mom and MIL - slightly bigger than the earlier place. It was in an apartment complex - was a bit of a disappointment for me... I think a nice traditional looking house would have been so much more charming! The Rajakeeyam tasted just as good though :)


Pooh! said...

Now your post just wants me to pack up and head to Chennai - am just drooling - organics and olive bread and ofcourse the Rajakeeyam - yummy!

but on second thoughts let me wait till La Boulangerie gets a Velachery outlet.

Jayashree said...

I am not a big fan of La Boulangerie, but then, I haven't tried their olive bread may be I should give it another chance before writing it off altogether.

Swaram said...

Olive and walnut french loaf sounds so yummy. Must try when we visit Chennai :)

Lavanya Sriram said...

Olive loaf sounds interesting :)
Where is La Boulangerie currently ?

Uma said...

Pooh, Swaram - yield to the temptation, come over :)

Jayashree - As far as pastries go, French loaf is still my fav. But La Bl. seemed to have a good variety of breads to choose from.

Lavanya - they are in Besant Nagar - right next to Murugan Idli. Also in Adyar.

beingzaraandzidan said...

Nice blog! Wud love to see Pattu's pics. Do visit me if u get a chance

Hema said...

La Boulangerie....yummm:) I guess I'll bump into you one of these days!!

Uma said...

Beingzaraandzidan - I'm plain lazy with pics...will do sometime :)
Thanks for dropping by...will visit you for sure..

Hema - Oh that would be nice :) Just imagine!