Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Know What We Did Last Week

Shades of Grey

I had written about how Children slot characters into Black and White and that they don't catch the shades of Grey for long - well, it looks like Pattu is discovering the Grey shades.

Regular conversation about friends at school etc and she says, 'B is my friend, S is my friend - they are good girl and good boy'. And then it goes, 'B is very troublesome in class, S is a very good boy. B doesn't listen to anyone, S is very obedient'.

Amma: But you said B is a good girl
Pattu: Yes, she is a good girl
Amma: But you said she is troublesome
Pattu: Yes she is
Amma: How can she be a good girl if she is troublesome?
Pattu: (A bit annoyed) Ammaaa... she is troublesome and she is a good girl. So she is a good girl. Ok?

If you think I am the one having trouble figuring out Grey shades, I don't quite blame you.

Its Raining Words!

We went for a walk when the rains stopped a bit. Small streams of water joined in one place to fall into the storm water drain. Pattu follows the path and exclaims, ' Amma, see, the water is Rivering'

It was drizzling and Pattu says, 'Amma, see it is very-small-raindropping'

I was busy with something (usually quite unimportant) and Pattu pulled at me with mouthful of spluttering sentences. I turned around and (in an effort-to-inculcate-some-manners-at-the-right-age) said, ' I'm doing something and you have to be patient', and pat comes the reply, 'But you have to be My Patient Amma!'

"Watch me deliver - Live from Minneapolis"

The latest is the live streaming of Lynsee's delivery. The streaming started when she went into labour and was on till the mother delivered and the doc said Mom and Child are in the pink.

The website talks about how the traffic peaked towards the delivery, the number of unique visitors, the advertisers, rue about how they missed on the baby products advertisers etc and a whole lot of the 'Analytics' mumbo jumbo would follow I suppose.

Wonder how it must have been - 'scream scream...' 'While the lady is screaming, let's take a short commercial break..we'll be right back, stay there'
'Will Lynsee have a boy or girl - Guess and the lucky winner gets blah blah... on camera' - Now, we'll do anything for the camera!

While all this is happening, I can't quite fathom how it can happen! Just why would anyone want the whole world to watch her labour and delivery? I'm still reeling from this...

Found Book &

They drop books at your doorstep and pick them up as well. The range is quite limited as of now but I am told that they are adding as they have just started. If you have a request, they procure the book for you if they don't have it already. Nice. Finished my first book and waiting for the next that should arrive today/ Monday.

Pattu's latest addiction Thumb Thumb Thambi & Thangi (Tulika). There's a project to paint her thumbs as Thambi and Thangi today. God save the walls, upholstery and the furniture from the Thumbs!

Btw, it is Thundering loud as I am typing this...


Monika,Ansh said...

How........that's great abt all the words she is coming up with. Such cute ones at that!!

Radhs said...

You've got a great linguist out there,be watchful!

Uma said...

Monika Ansh - Thanks :) .. she is discovering English

Radhs - you bet :)

Swati said...

hahahah..lovely ..i am sure by the time she discovers engilish , English will also discover some new words :)

Uma said...

Swati - I guess so :D

Aryan said...

wow...rivering is cool..we should add it in dictionary...
She is one darling..good she is knowing about grey characters!!!!!

Aryan's Mom

Uma said...

Aryan's mom: :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

You won't believe this! Thumb Thumb Thambi is also my son's latest addiction. The one with the Flower theme has totally caught his imagination. Hats off to Tulika Books for their awesome idea and creativity!

Uma said...

Swapna, true. I thought it to be too simple but she seems to enjoy it thoroughly!

workhard said...

MY God.. shes so smart.. and cute.. she ll pick up very fast.. she has the ability to reason as such an age..

Work from home India

Uma said...

Workhard - *Wide Grin*

Amrut said...

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