Friday, November 13, 2009

Children's Day Fervour

This whole week I've seen parents scurrying around for ideas and themes for Children's' Day. I was in the middle of a meeting yesterday when my colleague pinged me, 'very urgent - call asap'. I thought it was work related, but soon figured that she wanted ideas for C Day! I used to think its easy, but I find myself drained of ideas since they are either too easy, too difficult, too common, too offbeat, done this last year, etc etc.

Luckily, Pattu's school has just invited us for the celebrations - I don't have to dress her up as a Turnip yet!

We planned to attend the C Fest at Dakshinachitra but looks like we'll have to skip it and some other interesting things as well that's happening all over the city since we have to be in School. However, we are planning to catch up on Nalandaway at Kalakshetra in the evening. This should make up for what we missed lasst week due to the rains. This would be Pattu's first live performance experience. Hope she enjoys it.

We caught Trapezium last week and Pattu has been doing Gymnastics ever since.


The Print Lover said...

LOL @ the last line. Way to go, lil gymnast!

Monika,Ansh said...

Happy Children's day to your lkittle one. Hope u had a blast at school

Uma said...

Print Lover: Sometimes she tells me to follow - that's the only dread!

Monika, Ansh: Thanks. What did Ansh do?

Swati said...

wow updates ?

Uma said...

Swati - we had to keep indoor coz it was pouring! :(