Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Fun

Last summer found Pattu either moping or monkeying around since she was too small for summer camps and those that were willing to take her were too far off. This summer, however, has so far been packed and fun-filled and Pattu is having a great time.
She loves the summer camp and this time I managed to take her to a couple of sessions by Storytrails - The Seasons Trail and the Five Senses Trail. On both occasions she had a friend along and they had great fun. Only downside was that the venue was Fab India and I ended up shopping!
She has more friends now and I see her playing better in a group than she did a few months back and I'm glad for that.
We also went to a quieter beach on ECR (beyond Panayur) and got drenched and also collected lots of shells.

Pattu is moving on to a bigger school and she would also be commuting by the school bus. The two weeks in April was smooth - she settled in quite well, liked her class teacher, enjoyed the bus ride and even offered to take care of her friend who is 'smaller' than her (making a note to warn his mom about this). I also heard from the summer camp teacher that she is very protective around him. 


Uma said...

welcome back! Missed reading about Pattu..:-)

MindfulMeanderer said...

pattu seems to be having a ball.. :)

Uma said...

Uma - Thanks :) and more Pattu updates are in line...

Shruti - she is! How is l'il P doing?
..and do take a look at my 'arty experiments' page... when you have the time..

Jayashree said...

The story trails is something I wanted to do while in Chennai,but never got around to it:-(
Sounds like Pattu had a lot of fun.

Uma said...


Yes, we had a good time.. am sure there would be an equivalent in Bangalore as well..