Tuesday, February 01, 2011


It is funny how some impressions stick in your mind forever. The kind of impressions I am talking about here are not the deep meaningful variety, but some really silly associations instead.

I bumped into my brother's friend B recently - I couldn't really place him (the last time I saw him was as a schoolboy) but the moment he said, "I'm B, M's classmate..", I was almost about to say, 'yeah, the B of knife fame', but bit my tongue in time.
The story goes like this - B had some vegetable carving project at school and he wanted a serrated knife which was rare to come by those days and hence borrowed ours. This one just happened to be my mom's favourite and came all the way from Dubai and hence a prized possession. I didn't quite appreciate my mom's attachment with the knife at that time but I do now. Among the set of knives, I have my favourite and wouldn't let anyone tamper with it. Somehow, the veggies under attack seem to behave wonderfully with that particular knife. Anyway, let me come back to the point.

My mom must have had this ominous foreboding about lending the knife and she told the bro a million times that she needs it back the very next day and in perfect condition. As things turn out in most of such cases, the knife never found its way back into our house and my mom has neither forgotten this inciden nor has she forgiven the bro and his friend for this disaster. Everytime a tomato rebelled under the other knives, my mom lamented her fate loudly enough for the bro to notice. This, of course tormented my bro a good deal and provided me a lot of entertainment.

It has been a good 15+ years now and I was curious to find out if my mom still remembered it. So, when I got back home, I casually mentioned that I bumped into B. Quite predictably, she went on, "oh, the one who never returned my knife..." Poor B who is now a respectable family man and very successful in his career would be shocked to know that he still holds a criminal charge!

This was promptly reported to the bro over chat the same evening :D

It is funny how certain impressions stick in your mind forever....


Anu...:) said...

True.Somethings just remain etched in our minds...even if they are trivial :)

Jayashree said...

True....sometimes the smallest of things stay on in our memory the longest. It's been long since I visited/blogged....how've you and pattu been?

The Print Lover said...

haha! But, but, B should've returned the knife :)

Asha said...

Hahaa.... 'B of knife fame". He would've been zapped, had you told him.

Yes, yes.... It happens. we do associate people with incidents like this.

Vidya said...

Yes, I'd never part with my 50Rs.knife:) Would have been a sight if you'd blurted out!

Anonymous said...

hey! you are back and prolific :) Also, very pretty look!
I have a lot of these first impression stories which I am sure most of them know as I dont have that tongue biting reflex. Takes all kinds right...:)


Uma said...

Anu - right...even if they are trivial..

Jayashree - hey! we're doing good.. how have you and LG been?

TPL - my mom would hug you :)

Asha, Vidya - imagine if I'd let it slip!!!!

KP - you like the look - thanks :)
and on the tongue biting reflex - you know I'm only a wee bit better than you..if at all.. just some rare occasions where the reflexes have taken over ;)

Neha Varma said...

Lol! Pattu is so cute!! Maybe akka really did not know where she was!

Uma said...

Neha - :D