Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comeback Post - Part IV: Trick-a-Treat

Pattu has tasks to complete and she's been whining and making excuses. So, when she wanted noodles for dinner, I firmly told her that noodles will be her treat for completing her tasks.
Somehow she pushed herself (and a lot of others) to complete them.

Noodles for dinner. Happy Pattu.

Pattu finishes quickly without any goading from amma/appa and without spilling (they are precious you see...she takes care not to drop).
The moment we said, "Good Pattu!" she just grabs the opportunity and says, "Amma, since I finished my food can I have Gems?"

Now that's called a 'Treat for a Treat' .... Smaarrrt girrrrlll Pattoo... (Amma thinks in 'Raaberrt' style)


Anonymous said...

Very smart indeed! Did she get the Gems?

- Priya

Vidya said...

Smart Pattu! Make more deals, but keep the deal size bigger:)

bitsofchocolate said...

Hey - she finished her tasks AND ate all her food (so what if it was her fav. item ?) - definitely deserves a big Gems packet !

Anonymous said...

Since she finished her food and tasks she is a gem:) sorry couldnt resist :)


PS: your word verification also thinks in Raabert style. It just said "wattypen" to me :P

MindfulMeanderer said...

ahhh smart!

Hema said...

Comeback...Great comeback posts!! Very smart Pattu! We too have some Gems episodes enacted here!

The Print Lover said...

LOL! btw, what is Raabert style? Pls educate.

And the flowers from your garden look lovely. My patio garden here is closed for the next 3 months bcos the winter has set in royally.

Uma said...

Anon - she did! did I have a choice?

Vidya - Adu onnu thaan kuraichal!

PV, KP - logic ellaam right thaan, but enna vachu comedy pannina maadiri oru feeling

KP - 'wattypen' - LOL!

Shruti - hhmmphhh

Hema - how is tara doing? gems episodes - tell tell...

TPL - Raabert is the side kick of the typical mottai boss character in hindi cinema. just like Mona darling....many spoofs on them ...