Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fair Deal...

We were playing and we had to go upstairs. Pattu tries to push me aside and run ahead.

Pattu: I'll be first
Amma: No, I'm gonna be first this time (amma's master plan to equip her to face defeat! Yes, Pattu's amma can be like that sometimes..)
Pattu: Nooooo...I'm first
Amma: Not fair Pattu... you come first all the time. You should give me a chance..
Pattu: (After pausing for a few nano seconds, by which time she thought of a win-win model) Ok. First, I'll go first; then, you go first ..Ok?

Fair Deal Eh?


MindfulMeanderer said...

LOL! what perfect logic :D
hugss to pattu.

Shankari said...

So cute! Loved the retort from the tot :)

A journey called Life said...

its a fair deal every step of the way :)

asha said...

very shrewd and good presence of mind.

Uma said...

Mindful - Her logic is always sound in such matters ;)
Shankari - I don't know how these tiny ones can think up such things :)
AJCL - One can't agree any less!
Asha - Hope that would extend for other more important things as well... :)

Lavanya Sriram said...

woww !!!
a very fair deal indeed ! :)

Aryan said...

She didn't want to make her mamma both of you get logic

Uma said...

Lavanya - Indeed! :)

Aryan's mom - I hope so ;)