Monday, February 15, 2010

Indian. Chinese. Tandoor

...seems to be the winning combination. Every third restaurant that has opened in the last 5 years claim to serve 'Indian, Chinese, Tandoor'. Wonder why Tandoor is different from Indian.
I guess this kind of covers pretty much everything that the Indian taste buds would relish especially the Gopi Majoorian and Panneer Fried Rice and the Tom Yum soup suspiciously looking like the rasam from the 'Indian' kitchen. Tandoor would have Gopi Parotta and Dhal Makkanni with Chettinad spicing! I've always been wary of this combination - I avoid it if I have a choice else just stick to the 'Indian' part of the menu.
This somehow reminds me of Bollywood (and the other local 'Ollywoods we have) - Song & Dance. Sentiment. Stunt. = Winning Combination. Indian. Chinese. Tandoor. = Winning Combination. Maybe its just us, Indians!

Speaking of which, I recently saw a board in our own Velachery (I think it is The Rock...not sure though) that said, 'Indian. Chinese. Tandoor. Thai' - something in me switched on the red alert. Guys, Watch out!

Btw, has anyone tried 'Ugadi' the Andhra joint that has recently opened at Velachery?

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Anonymous said...

yes the ugadi is good in taste.try it once.