Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Latest from The Pattu's Mouth

Just before leaving to Art's place to see Aditi:

Amma: Do you want to see a little baby girl? Anushka's Baby Sister?
Pattu: Yes, what's her name?
Amma: Aditi
Pattu: Amma, you are a good girl because you told me the baby's name...
Amma: *WIDE GRIN* (Nothing compares to a compliment from Pattu)
Pattu: Oh oh...I'm such a Mandoo!(Buddhu!) ...you are not a good girl, you are a good lady!
Amma: Thankyou! So, what shall we take for Aditi?
Pattu: Toffee chocolates
Amma: But she's a baby and doesn't have teeth
Pattu: Oh oh, what shall we do now... shall we take tomatoes?
Amma: *$@&^%&** Why tomatoes??? No she can't eat even tomatoes
Pattu: Oh oh... OK, I'll give her my teeth then..
Amma: How will you eat toffee chocolate if you give her your teeth?
Pattu: OK, let's buy teeth from the shop and give her...

Well, since the marketers haven't yet hit upon this idea, we had to settle down for something less apt!
That didn't stop us from having a great evening!


Lavanya Sriram said...

Cho chweet :)

Uma said...

Lavanya - yeah... the ideas that kids come up with! :)

AM said...

She is a genious...how she can think about giving her teeth....soo soo cute

Swati said...

hahah..what a genious she is ..amazed by her logical thinking!

Uma said...

AM, Swati - Thanklu! (That's how Pattu said Thankyou till she was 2 yrs old) Its all in the genes :P :D

Archana said...


Got to your blog from letsdosomething.in. I love your blog and more so all that pattu puranm that goes here. This one is a killer. Cho damn sweet!